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Embedding 70:20:10 at Scottish Power

The L&D team at Scottish Power use the GoodPractice toolkit to drive their 70:20:10 focused people development strategy. It has helped underpin a learning culture where employees are empowered to take control of their development.

The company

- ScottishPower operates in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, energy management and supply of gas and electricity in the UK.

- The company employs around 6,500 staff and is headquartered in Glasgow.

The business challenge

ScottishPower was keen to move towards a culture where learning is employee-led and self-directed.

As Pamela Malkin, Senior Development Consultant at ScottishPower says:

"We were looking for a flexible performance support solution which could help us embed a 70:20:10 ethos, and which would be adaptable enough to support a wide range of people development and engagement initiatives.”

GoodPractice helped ScottishPower develop its existing learning provision to address:

- Employee perceptions that development at Scottish Power was limited to formal training such as courses, workshops and other formal events organised on their behalf.

- The need for more readily available, relevant learning content which could be closely aligned to ScottishPower’s employee competencies.

- Increased employee expectations of new technologies, more sophisticated learning resources and increased availability across multiple digital platforms.

The solution

GoodPractice and ScottishPower worked closely to design and launch a customised version of GoodPractice’s performance support toolkit, which was called Your Development Toolkit.

A three step process was used to pilot and launch the toolkit:

1. Your Development Toolkit was initially launched to around 100 L&HR staff, to build engagement with this core audience.

2. Access to the toolkit was then opened up to a group of around 1,500 managers. The toolkit was launched to this group at face-to-face roadshow events at various ScottishPower locations. Managers were provided with examples of how it could be used to support various activities e.g. to help manage performance, address conflict and manage their development.

3. Finally, the toolkit was rolled out to all 6,500 ScottishPower employees, including those who are mobile and field-based. This coincided with key milestones in the performance management process.

The results

ScottishPower’s employees use Your Development Toolkit in many ways:

- The toolkit content is closely mapped against ScottishPower’s core leadership competencies. When employees need support in a particular competency, they can quickly identify the resources they need.

- Your Development Toolkit is a truly multimedia resource, which meets employee expectations for a diverse, modern content mix. Learners can select from in-depth key idea articles, shorter tips and ‘how to’ guides, as well as practical case studies, exercises, infographics, self-assessments, audio interviews and video resources.

- Content can be accessed instantly from employees’ own desktops and mobiles, meeting the needs of ScottishPower’s mobile, field-based employees as well as those who are office based.

- Your Development Toolkit has helped reinforce learning gained on formal courses.

Employee feedback

Julie MacKenzie, Senior Organisational Capability Consultant

"Your Development Toolkit has supported me in identifying, defining and applying coaching solutions. The content went beyond an informational level. The interactive case studies and assessments helped me prepare for coaching situations in a practical way. I was able to share resources with colleagues and my team, ensuring we had a consistent understanding and application of coaching practices.”

Kenny Halbert, Health and Safety Manager

"I was preparing a session for my team on Stakeholder Management and found lots of useful resources on the site. In particular I needed a succinct definition, which I found. While this might seem a small-scale example of how I use Your Development Toolkit, it highlights the true value of a fast and responsive just-in-time tool that can meet my varied development needs.”

Willie Leggat, Technical Support Manager

“The main advantage of Your Development Toolkit is that it allows me to obtain the key themes from textbooks or training courses without having to read the full textbook or attend a course. The toolkit offers flexible learning for everyone at Scottish Power, at a pace and level which suits each individual. I encourage my team to use Your Development Toolkit because it closely aligns to their Performance Management goals and puts each person in charge of their development.”


Your Development Toolkit has helped drive the HR's function's people development strategy at ScottishPower. It has helped change employee views about their development. By putting employees in control of their learning, Your Development Toolkit has the flexibility to meet diverse and evolving learning needs.

As Hamish Watson, HR Director at ScottishPower comments:

“As a learning tool, Your Development Toolkit allows employees to drive their own learning, providing instant ‘performance support’ whenever employees have a specific development need.”


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