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Bespoke e-learning for the International Baccalaureate

GoodPractice's instructional design team worked closely with the IB's subject matter experts to develop a suite of 20 bespoke e-learning modules. Complex subjects were brought to life in a highly engaging, creative way.

The company

- Headquartered in Geneva, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a global leader in the education of children and young adults.

- Working closely with educators in more than 4,000 schools worldwide, the IB delivers four educational programmes for children aged 3 to 19.

The business challenge

The aim of this project was to improve standards of education delivered in IB schools at a global level. With a network of tens of thousands of educators working in disparate locations around the world, this was a large-scale project of significant scope.

The project had considerable logistical as well as subject matter complexities. Despite these issues, and the IB’s limited experience in developing e-learning, they were keen to create inspiring and highly engaging e-learning content. Matt JamesGlobal Head of Online Professional Development at the IB, explains why they chose to work with GoodPractice:

“GoodPractice consistently produces creative solutions which have added real value to our e-learning resources. They never offer ‘one-size fits all’ solutions, but will provide different learning formats and media which are bespoke and inspiring.”

The IB wanted to create a new and exciting suite of e-learning resources which would improve how its teachers delivered the IB’s unique educational philosophy. In addition, the resources would act as a central ‘hub’ of teaching best practice where educators could drawn on the experience of their peers. As well as the project's scope, the challenge for GoodPractice was to how best to deliver an unusual and highly complex set of topics to an extremely diverse, international audience of IB educators.

The new e-learning resources had to satisfy two different needs:

1. First and foremost, they had to support teachers who were new to the IB’s philosophy and teaching approach.

2. Secondly, they also had to meet the needs of more experienced IB teachers who required support with more detailed, specific elements of the IB’s approach.

The solution

As this was the first suite of e-learning the IB had commissioned, GoodPractice began the work with a robust, in-depth scoping process - something which is implemented with each new e-learning customer. This analysis exercise involved working closely with more than 40 IB subject matter experts from around the world. As well as getting to grips with the complexities of the subject matter, this phase of the project helped the GoodPractice team gain a deep understanding of the culture, the organisational language and the overarching teaching methodology and philosophy at the IB.

Following this analysis exercise, GoodPractice proposed a range of highly creative solutions. The resulting suite of 20 different e-learning modules was delivered by GoodPractice’s in-house e-learning team of experienced project managers, instructional designers, illustrators and film-makers.

Each module contained a rich, multimedia mix of animation, scripted fictional video scenarios filmed using professional actors, as well as interactive simulations and quirky animations, all of which delivered a highly engaging, inspiring learning experience.

To ensure that the e-learning user experience was consistent, GoodPractice investigated potential limitations in terms of accessing the e-learning. This is an important consideration for a global organisation like the IB educators working in many locations around the world. The e-learning was developed so that regardless of their location or available technology, user would have the same, high-quality experience. This was a significant analysis task but one which integral to the success of the whole project.

The results

The end result was the production of 20 completely bespoke e-learning modules, each of 60 minutes duration. They have turned complex, dry subjects into unusual and quirky learning resources, whilst maintaining a close fit with the IB’s culture.

Following a successful pilot, the full e-learning suite was launched as part of a brand new package of resources across the whole of the IB teaching network, making the modules available to tens of thousands of teachers and educators around the world.

Feedback from educators themselves has been highly positive, with teachers commenting on the engaging interactive elements, the mix of learning activities and multimedia, all of which have helped to bring complex subject matter to life.

As with the majority of GoodPractice’s e-learning clients, the biggest endorsement of this project’s success is that the IB has continued to work with GoodPractice on new e-learning projects. Now in it’s fourth year, the partnership between GoodPractice and the IB has grown significantly since this project, and encompasses a variety of highly bespoke online learning projects and initiatives.


These new e-learning resources have significantly evolved and diversified the online support the IB provides for its educators. GoodPractice has created a trusted set of resources that the IB’s network of teachers can return to time and time again to support and improve their teaching practice. As Matt James comments:

“Having worked with GoodPractice for a number of years now, I am always impressed with their openness and their understanding of what we want to achieve. When changes in organisational priorities mean that a brief alters during a project, GoodPractice are always flexible and understanding. The team are very much seen as an extension of our team here at the International Baccalaureate.”


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