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Supporting the learning ecosystem at Booking.com

With the Self Development Toolkit, Booking.com have achieved their goal of providing high-quality, content-driven performance support to all employees, whilst providing specific support to managers by aligning content to their Management Recipe.

The Company

- With over a million properties across 226 countries, available in forty languages, Booking.com is the world’s best-known accommodation website.

- In recent years, impressive expansion has seen employee numbers increase by 25-30% per annum, with over 15,000 people now in 200 global locations, including the Amsterdam headquarters.

The Business Challenge

The company’s rapid growth called for a scalable, content-driven solution that would not only build, maintain and enhance leadership and management capabilities, but provide development support to all employees.

Booking.com didn’t want a generic, off-the-shelf solution. It was essential that the delivered solution matched the quality and design standards Booking.com demands from its own online product. They turned to GoodPractice to help them build a world-class solution.

“The look and feel was very Booking, and we liked that. We knew it would instil confidence in our employees that this isn’t just a random or generic website, but rather a carefully curated selection of resources that are approved by Booking.com.” 

Savka Gajic, Learning and Talent Programme Manager, Booking.com

The Solution

Developed in partnership with GoodPractice, the Self Development Toolkit now forms an essential part of the learning ecosystem at Booking.com. But that is only the beginning of a holistic solution that provides a truly blended, engaging and supportive learning experience.  Multiple personalised interactions pointing users directly to relevant learning material have helped drive exceptional usage and results.

As well as providing just-in-time support for all of Booking.com’s employees, the Self Development Toolkit directly supports the company’s management development programme, through the ‘Management Recipe’, the ‘Management Recipe Check’ and the ‘Managers Portal’. The comprehensive and creative integration of the Toolkit into daily work has been crucial to its success.

“It’s great to have such a great source of information available at any time of the day. So whenever I come across a question and I’m not sure how to deal with it, or I feel I need some more information to feel confident dealing with that topic, I go to the Self Development Toolkit and it gives me exactly the information I need.”

Doutzen Wierda, HR Business Partner, Booking.com

The Results

Since launch in November 2014, Booking.com have consistently achieved outstanding usage from the Self Development Toolkit, demonstrating that this approach delivers real, long-lasting results.

- 78% of the workforce have accessed since launch

- 57% of visits are returning visitors

- over 166,000 resources accessed

- 86% have ‘learned something new’ from the Self Development Toolkit

- 68% have ‘taken action and applied their learning in a practical way’


The Self Development Toolkit is a tailored, highly scalable solution that answered all of Booking.com’s unique needs, and satisfied their desire for a world-class product. The results speak for themselves, and so do Booking.com’s people:

“In a world where everything moves so fast, and the demands are upon us 24/7, the Self Development Toolkit is a place you can go to take ten minutes to stop, refresh, learn, download and carry on. It’s a filling station in a world of busy traffic.”

Scott Davenport, Global Learning Manager (Finance), Booking.com  

"The toolkit is my first stop to help with challenges I face in my role as a manager. If I have to do a presentation and I don’t feel confident, I can find something to help. If it’s a difficult conversation, it takes just 10 minutes to find something on that. I integrate the Toolkit into my daily job.”

Christina Spata, Area Manager (NW Italy), Booking.com

“I had to give a presentation for Booking.com new hires and I used the toolkit to learn how to structure my presentation and communicate it effectively. I saved at least half a day using the Toolkit to put together my presentation.”

Celeste Martins, Language Specialist, Booking.com


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