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“We carry out regular work with managers to find out how they work and how they learn. This report gives us a rich, qualitative insight into the learning habits of leaders and managers. We discuss how L&D can use the findings to evolve the training and development of the future.”

Owen Ferguson, co-author, The Secret Learning Life of UK Managers

The Secret Learning Life of UK Managers

According to a recent report, 70% of UK organisations do not proactively investigate how employees learn, or what they need to do to do their jobs better. [1] With our focus on user experience and evidence-based development, GoodPractice commissioned ComRes to interview 500 UK managers. Our aim was to find out what they actually do when faced with an unfamiliar challenge at work, and what they think of the options available to them. The results are genuinely enlightening. 

This report presents the results of our survey, with in-depth analysis and recommendations for next steps.

The three main questions addressed are:

1. Which two key factors most influence how managers choose to learn?

2. How do internal and external learning options compare?

3. What two problems do L&D face with online learning?

If you want to know what your managers do when you're not looking, download The Secret Learning Life of UK Managers today. We'd be delighted to hear your comments and feedback at

[1] Embracing Change: 2015-16 Industry Benchmark Report (Towards Maturity, November 2015) p62.

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