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“Over the last decade, 70:20:10 has evolved to become part of the lingua franca of L&D. For all that has been written, said and evangelised about it, we've often wondered – is 70:20:10 having a net positive influence on our profession? In this report, we discover exactly how leading organisations are using 70:20:10 today in practice. The results have challenged me to re-evaluate some of my views about 70:20:10. Whatever your view of 70:20:10, I think you’ll find this report both interesting and useful.”

– Owen Ferguson, MD, GoodPractice

The Evolution of 70:20:10

The 70:20:10 concept of workplace learning certainly isn’t new, yet it continues to capture L&D’s attention in a big way. Opinions on 70:20:10 range from the highly positive to the fiercely critical. To the casual observer, it seems there is a whole lot of fuss being made about 70:20:10.

In this report, we share detailed insights from L&D practitioners working in leading organisations about how they are getting to grips with 70:20:10. How are they making practical use of it, and what decisions, actions and approaches do L&D practitioners identify as being critical to their success with 70:20:10? We reveal some interesting findings about whether the rhetoric of 70:20:10 lives up to the reality.

In this report, we seek to:

  • Explore L&D’s perceptions and views about 70:20:10
  • Identify how L&D leaders are using 70:20:10 to inform their strategy and delivery of L&D to their organisation
  • Determine whether there is a correlation between specific approaches to 70:20:10 and greater success

We would be delighted to hear your comments and feedback on the report at or you can tweet us your thoughts @GoodPractice using the hashtag #gp702010.

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