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“70:20:10 puts a framework on something that is blindingly obvious. A learning event isn’t the whole story about learning. We’re talking about three areas that comprise the learning experience, and that’s why people are so interested."

Nigel Paine, coach, mentor, writer, broadcaster and acclaimed speaker

New Perspectives on 70-20-10 - 2nd Edition

The 70:20:10 model of workplace learning is undoubtedly one of L&D's hottest tickets.

It has captured the attention of the L&D world in a big way.

The 2nd edition of our New Perspectives on 70:20:20 report addresses some of the key challenges that L&D faces when it comes to putting the theory of 70:20:10 into practice.

Updated for 2016, this new report presents the views of leading L&D thinkers on this critical topic. It features commentary from Charles Jennings, Nigel Paine, Clive Shepherd, Jane Hart, Harold Jarche and Ger Driesen, as well as our own expert insight and critical analysis. 

It also offers:

  • an overview of the benefits of 70:20:10
  • an assessment of the main criticism surrounding 70:20:10
  • what a good 70:20:10 strategy should look like
  • five questions L&D should ask before getting started with 70:20:10
  • tips and guidance to apply 70:20:10 effectively

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