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“In this report we dig deeper into the online learning habits of managers. The findings highlight the challenge L&D faces in getting engagement with some online technologies.”

– Stef Scott, Co-author, Google It: The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers

Google It: The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers

This report is the latest step in our ongoing programme of manager-focused research. Building on the findings of our previous report The Secret Learning Life of UK Managers, this new study takes a closer look at the secret, online lives of managers in the UK.

Published in conjunction with ComRes, and based on data gathered from 504 UK managers, this fascinating report investigates the specific role the internet and social media networks play in the lives of today's managers. It provides detailed insight into managers' online preferences and habits.

This report presents the results of our survey, plus in-depth analysis and four key takeaways for L&D about what the key findings mean for the profession.

It considers:

  • How the internet and both internal and external social media networks influence and contribute to the overall mix of learning activities that managers undertake.
  • The extent to which managers rely on the internet, content-focused websites and social media networks to get help with the day-to-day challenges they face at work. 

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