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“The report provides both inspiration and a brutal reality check. Inspiring for the rich quotes from dedicated L&D leaders. Yet alarming for the limited headway into the new wave of social tools, learning portals and xAPI it reveals. As a result, it serves as a must-read call to action for Australian L&D, to fast track our learning, innovation and enabling technologies so we can empower our audiences to do likewise.”

Arun Pradhan, Learning and Performance Strategist, DeakinCo.

Australia’s Learning Technology Landscape

Organisations have access to virtual classrooms, e-learning and learning management systems (LMS) as well as newer technologies like social learning tools, performance support resources and virtual reality (VR). Although a wide variety of technologies are available, the extent to which these are actively being used by L&D functions to support learning is unclear.

This research considers how organisations in Australia are making use of different learning technologies to support and enhance their learning offerings. L&D practitioners looking to introduce technology for learning purposes face a myriad of different options.

It presents an interesting picture of the uptake and impact of different learning technologies across Australian organisations. By tapping into the experiences, views and opinions of Australia’s L&D leaders, it uncovers some of the challenges organisations face as they seek to implement, experiment and drive value from these technologies.

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