In 2006 there was a report which claimed business in the UK was losing billions of pounds due to poor management performance. What surprises me is how few learning departments worry about this hidden cost. Imagine if you were responsible for an oil pipeline and it had sprung a number of leaks along the way. It would be causing environmental damage and costing you a fortune in lost revenues, so you’d do everything you could to fix it. In organisations, poor leadership and management performance is like the leaking pipeline, it causes damage to the organisational environment and there is a large hidden cost every day that is not addressed. Despite this I get no sense of urgency about fixing it. Plans seem to be longer term and it doesn’t matter if initiatives to improve performance are dealt with this month or next quarter. Why is this acceptable? I suspect, because it is hidden and not measured,  senior executives in the organisation and the learning team have not sat down and agreed the performance improvements that they would like to make, and the savings this would achieve. I’d be interested in any other views on why this happens and what can be done to improve the situation?