Access to analytics is changing the business landscape and Big Data is the the new DNA that’s driving senior decision making for today’s most successful corporates. But as the art of good management becomes the science of good management, a new challenge for L&D is on the horizon.

How do HR professionals best support, direct and, at times, even convince leadership talent that the “gut feel” they’ve depended on to make good business decisions in the past, won’t be enough to get them through the next big change in corporate culture?

Published at the end of last year, The American Management Association’s Conquering Big Data: A Study of Analytical Skills in the Workplace” tells us that just one in four companies think they are adequately equipped to use statistics in management decision making. For the L&D professionals savvy enough to know that Big Data is the next big deal, tackling the knowledge gap means taking calculated steps to dramatically boost the analytical skills present at C level management and above.

Download our three minute briefing: How to use statistics in management decision making

Created specially for senior staff who want to take their first big steps towards improving their analytical assessment skills, our three minute briefing on how to use statistics to make better business decision draws on the premium fact sheets, how tos and self assessment resources available exclusively in Goodpractice Toolkits for leaders and managers.

Download the three minute briefing here, share it with leaders and managers in your organisation, or keep it safe for the next time a senior staff member needs help handling statistics.