Two terms we often hear used as a source of concern when working with clients are assessment and evaluation. Having just launched the latest iteration of our online solutions for leaders and managers, we’re now turning our attention to exploring in more depth the sort of assessment and evaluation support our clients want.

So the purpose of this post is to hopefully start a conversation about what you’d find most useful if you have purchased online content or learning material to support your leaders and managers.
There are a generally four broad categories of assessment and evaluation that our clients seem to be interested in:

  1. ROI – what value do I get for my learning investment?
  2. Learning effectiveness – is this learning intervention effective and having an impact on performance?
  3. Learner support – how are individual learners progressing and what additional help might they require?
  4. Learning needs analysis – does the type of content being accessed indicate a broader learning need?

One of the benefits of providing an online service is that you get immediate feedback through the management information about how often users accesses the web portal and exactly what content they look at. This is a good indicator of how an audience view the content, because frequent usage means that the audience find the content to be of value. But this broad view give you no sense of the actual perceived value to individual users.

After all a senior manager may only occasionally need to look at content, but the value when he or she does can be immense. For example, the application of a timely piece of newly acquired knowledge may be of great value if it prevents a serious error in judgement. So an infrequent user of online content may still perceive it as great value.

We’re interested to find out more about the most pressing need for learning professionals in the solutions you purchase. For instance, do you want more help to:

  1. justify the spend on learning interventions (ROI, for want of a better term)?
  2. evaluate the effectiveness of the learning – what impact is this having on actual performance?
  3. identify broader learning needs which need greater support – learning needs analysis?
  4. record and track individual learner progress over time? If this is the case it would be good to know more about how you use this information.

I recognise that there are many overlaps here, but what’s most important to you and why? If you’d like to comment please do, or just get in touch we’d love to know more about how we can help improve our solution to meet your needs.