• Does your HR function or learning team have the business acumen skills it needs to succeed?
  • Are HR and L&D activities in your company seen as commercial value generators and appreciated business wide?
  • Are the HR professionals who power L&D in your business properly equipped to demonstrate value and contribution in commercial terms?

This summer our new collaborative survey series is asking the difficult questions most L&D leaders struggle to answer on their own. With your help, over the next few weeks, our “We’re defining business acumen for HR professionals”  programme will:

  • Define ‘commercial acumen’ with the HR function
  • Explain why it is such an important factor in achieving business goals.
  • Identify the knowledge, skills and behaviours that demonstrate ‘commercial acumen’ within HR.
  • Identify the tools, techniques and references to stimulate the development of ‘commercial acumen’ both at individual and organisational levels.
  • Discover existing good practice that demonstrates ‘commercial acumen’ in action.

Defining business acumen for HR professionals: take part:

Participating in our new research programme is simple. Just click here to take our five minute questionnaire. As one of the programme’s first contributors we’ll make sure you’re amongst the first to receive the new insights you help us formulate.