At GoodPractice we love to talk.

We especially love to talk to people who have interesting things to say!

Over the past few months, we’ve been interviewing people who we think have a fresh or unique take on leadership and management topics. People who we know will give us an interesting perspective on a subject.

We’ve captured their thoughts on camera and made them available to our clients through our toolkit. There are now more than 40 different videos available featuring insights and expertise from an interesting mix of contributors.

We also believe in sharing the love, so we’ve produced this compilation video. It highlights some of the great advice we’ve gathered and that we can all benefit from. It features:

  • Award-winning comedian Jo Caulfield sharing some of her top tips for engaging an audience.
  • Jennifer Holloway, author of “Personal Branding for Brits”, discussing ways to make your personal brand work for you.
  • Olympic athlete Lynsey Sharp discussing the techniques she uses to be resilient, even in the face of the most challenging of circumstances.

We’re planning on developing many more of these videos in the future. If you have a suggestions about who we should interview next and why, please let us know. The more interesting, the better!