Welcome to the Spooktacular Edition of the L&D Lowdown!

Welcome to the Spooktacular Edition of the L&D Lowdown! This month we’re inspiring you to dust off the cobwebs and upgrade your skills. Plus, we share frightfully good advice on how to create a learning culture that won’t leave you with a skeleton crew. Until next time, creep it real!

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(Trick or) treat yourself: These are the skills you need now

It is often said that L&D professionals forsake their own development because they are too busy supporting colleagues in developing their skills. That’s laudable but also a concern.

With so much change in L&D, learning professionals must develop the skills they need now and into the future. This infographic shows the type of skills that will bring future success.

Reading time: 2 mins

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Brush off the cobwebs and upgrade your digital skills

This report should act as a wake-up call to L&D teams. Research of thousands of UK employees shows that 53% do not have the essential digital skills required for the workplaces of today and tomorrow and 34% say they don’t receive any digital skills support and training.

The report is packed with useful stats on digital usage and digital skills.

Reading time: 30 mins 

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Don’t be a sitting pumpkin, be more proactive!

Being agile and responsive to business needs requires L&D teams to be proactive. But what does that mean, exactly?

This article highlights the areas where L&D can become more proactive, from establishing business need rather than taking training requests and curating resources that already exist rather than creating more content.

Reading time: 5 mins

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How can you smash your goals? FAST beats SMART

A study of what makes goals work within an organisation shows that there are four principles for success.

These are: goals should be embedded in frequent discussions, they should be ambitious in scope, measured by specific metrics and milestones and transparent for everyone in the organisation to see.

Reading time: 15 mins

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Watch out! These are the 5 mistakes that can trip you up!

All organisations want to develop a learning culture but it can be a huge challenge that many fail to achieve. What are the reasons for this?

This article, from our friends at Towards Maturity, reveals the five mistakes L&D teams make when trying to nurture a learning culture.

Some of the answers may surprise you! 

Reading time: 3 mins

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Who to follow on Twitter

Change takes many forms. Here we share five change agents worth following on Twitter.

Nilofer Merchant, @nilofer
Nilofer Merchant delivered a TED Talk on walking meetings. Follow him for ideas on how to get things done and fulfil your potential.

Myles Runham @mylesrun
Formerly at the BBC, Myles Runham shares links and insights on digital transformation and how learning is changing.

Getting Things Done, @gtdtimes
This is the official Twitter profile for David Allen and his Getting Things Done initiative.

Craig Jarrow, @TMNinja
Craig Jarrow shares tips on how to make time for the things you need to work on.

Tim Ferriss, @tferriss
Tim Ferris has written numerous best selling books on productivity.

Something to listen to

WEBINAR: Reinventing L&D With a Move to Digital Learning

In this webinar, our friends at Mind Tools will showcase their work with MCI, the world’s largest professional conference organizer. Mind Tools helped MCI’s middle managers to make the transition from operational roles to leadership using digital and on-demand learning.

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Events and conferences to check out

Our pick of upcoming L&D events around the world:

22 – 23 October – UNLEASHParis

23 – 25 October – DevLearn, Las Vegas 

6 November – CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition, Manchester 

18 – 19 November – L&D Innovation and Tech Fest, Sydney 

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