The other day I had the real pleasure of catching up  with June Boyle, HR Director for Organisational Effectiveness at Lloyds Banking Group. June has an amazing track record and really deep experience and knowledge from working in BP, RBS (where we were briefly colleagues), BT and now Lloyds Banking Group.

A theme of June’s work in developing organisation effectiveness is the power of conversations and she published an article on this with Lynda Gratton in 2000.

Our interview was a chance to catch up with June on her thinking about conversations and how vital they are for organisational wellbeing. We also found time to explore the role of organisational effectiveness and how HR can be more effective.

In addition, June  recently had the opportunity to visit Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and see at first hand the work of the Muhammad Yunus and the bank in combating poverty through microcredit. It’s obvious talking to June that she has been inspired by the visit and challenged to developed her thinking on sustainability and how to apply the lessons to large organisations.

To listen to June talk about the power of conversations:

The Power of Conversations – June Boyle

To hear about June’s visit to Grameen Bank

Grameen Bank – June Boyle