Social learning seems to be the theme of the moment and for some it might appear to be a fad, but as Tony Bingham and Marcia Connor point out in their book, ‘The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media’ social media tools are here to stay and learning professionals need to embrace them or they risk becoming increasingly irrelevant.

New social learning

The argument being that if they don’t use these tools their ability to impact on the performance of the organisation diminishes.

I had the pleasure to catch up with Tony Bingham and ask him to explain their thinking. The book is very practical and therefore it was no surprise that Tony had some straightforward ideas on how to get started and implement social learning tools.

Interview with Tony Bingham – The New Social Media

If you’re interested in introducing social learning ideas to your organisation I’d recommend you get a copy of the book.  Amazon have it available at