Welcome to the Creative Spark Edition of the L&D Lowdown!

We’ve reached peak festival season for artists, actors, comedians and musicians throughout the world. So we’ve gathered content that will motivate you to get your creative juices flowing in the workplace and beyond! 

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FREE resources on how to handle a difficult conversation 

50% of managers cite having a difficult conversation as the biggest challenge they face in their role.

So, we’ve developed the ultimate pack featuring six key resources that will equip you with everything you need to pluck up the courage to have those difficult conversations with ease.  

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Should managers push or crush creativity?

Research from Gallup shows that employees tend not to be encouraged to be creative at work.

This article argues that is a problem in today’s business environment as companies may be missing out on new ideas. Instead, managers should be actively fostering an atmosphere where creativity is both permitted and actively encouraged. 

Reading time: 7 mins 

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Kickstart your creativity

This playlist of TED Talks features six videos that will get your creative juices flowing.

From original thinking to creative confidence and borrowing from others’ ideas, these videos provide lots of practical tips to help get more creative.

Watch time: 2 mins (+ watching time)

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How to use VR creatively

12 entrepreneurs were asked the following question: What’s the most creative use of VR you’ve seen, and how has it inspired your own business efforts?

This article shares their answers – some of which which may surprise and inspire you.

Watching time: 3 mins

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Learning in the flow of life

Learning is the top-rated challenge among Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends.

In this article, Deloitte Insights explores these challenges and argues that L&D departments need to re-invent learning so that it integrates both into the flow of work and life. 

Reading time: 8 mins

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Who to follow on Twitter

We’ve selected five people to follow who share insights on motivation and wellbeing at work.

ICSC  @ICSCreativity
The International Center for Studies in Creativity shares insights into creativity and how to be more creative.

WebDesignerMag @WebDesignerMag
This online design magazine looks at what’s hot in online design. It provides lots of practical design hints and tips too.

Smashing Magazine @smashingmag
Smashing Magazine is an online magazine for professional web designers and developers.

IDEO @ideo
IDEO is a global design company that shares lots of insights on the creative process and how to design better products, services and processes.

TED Talks @TEDTalks
The Twitter profile for Ted Talks shares inspirational talks and ideas that should spark new ideas and ways of thinking.

Something to listen to

WEBINAR: L&D success story: creating a big impact with limited resources

In this forthcoming webinar, our friends at Mind Tools will share how they helped SPX Flow, the global supplier of highly specialised engineering solutions, and their small Talent team to engage a global workforce of over 1,000 learners.

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Events and conferences to check out

Our pick of upcoming L&D events around the world:

20 – 21 August – Learning & Development Leadership Summit, Melbourne, Australia 

4 September – Learning Live, London 

5 September, LGBT Inclusion at Work, Edinburgh

17 September, Internal Communications Conference, London

17 – 18 September, L&D Influencers, Europe, London 


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