Welcome to the Bright Ideas Edition of the L&D Lowdown!

During these dark winter months, we could all benefit from some advice on how to keep our skillset shining bright. So this month we’re featuring articles that will ignite your L&D strategy and spark your creativity.

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How to fire up your L&D strategy

One way to ignite your L&D strategy is to take a look at how businesses are completely changing the way they operate.

Those best able to transform themselves have harnessed digital and human ingenuity to power new strategies. 

Reading time: 11 mins

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Keep your spark shining bright

Unlearning old skills and relearning new ones could be the best way to ensure you remain a bright spark.

Make sure you keep an eye on the hot skills in L&D and do all you can to learn them. And don’t be afraid to let go of the skills that have become dated.

Reading time: 4 mins 

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Go ahead and steal these ideas!

Marketing thought-leader Seth Godin urges people to steal ideas because ideas get bigger when they are stolen, he says.

There’s a difference here in copying and passing off work as your own. Building on other people’s ideas is an important part of the creative process.

Reading time: 4 mins

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Let your creativity sparkle

Research shows that multi-tasking is key to being creative. Sound counter-intuitive?

Well, the multi-tasking has to be done slowly – rather than it being done as a result of being too busy. Work on different projects and your creative juices will start to flow.

Watching time: 17 mins

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How to make better choices

In this article, a group of 24 researchers outline the steps we can all take to make better informed decisions.

This list can inform your own practice as well as underpinning how knowledge and information is used within your organisation.

Reading time: 5 mins

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Who to follow on Twitter

Here are some profiles to help generate new ideas, communicate more effectively and to have some laughs along the way. 

Brilliant Ads, @Brilliant_Ads
This account will provide you with some creative sparkle! It shares ‘the world’s most creative marketing Ideas’.

Daily Writing Tips, @writing_tips
Make sure your written communication is grammatically correct by following these daily rules of English.

The State of LinkedIn @StateOfLinkedIn
Sometimes it pays to laugh at the world we inhabit, especially the corporate world we inhabit. This LinkedIn parody account will provide some of those laughs.

Getting Things Done, @gtdtimes
This is the official Twitter profile for David Allen and his Getting Things Done initiative.

Craig Jarrow, @TMNinja
Craig Jarrow shares tips on how to make time for the things you need to work on.

Tim Ferriss, @tferriss
Tim Ferris has written numerous best selling books on productivity.

Something to listen to

How we make decisions

Taken from Khan Academy, this short video takes a look at the factors that affect our decision making, including biases and framing. It turns out that making decisions is perhaps more tricky than you may have thought.

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Events and conferences to check out

Our pick of upcoming L&D events around the world:

3 – 5 December – The Corporate Digital Learning and Development Forum, London

4 December – IITD National Learning & Development Conference, Dublin

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