Welcome to the Autumn Edition of the L&D Lowdown!

September heralds the start of Autumn and, with it, a feeling of change.  We’re focusing on changes within the L&D landscape in this month’s edition of the L&D Lowdown. So cosy on up, make yourself a warm drink and embrace the change!

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What your managers really think!

We asked 500 managers about the most challenging tasks they face at work. We then compared the responses to our previous and external research looking at differences based on gender, seniority and organisational size.

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Reading time: 10 mins

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Disrupting Learning and Development 

In this short video, Nick Shackleton-Jones, author of How People Learn, sketches out how corporate learning is changing, charting the shift from courses to resources.

Shackleton-Jones says that design is now a key component of making learning content relevant and engaging.

Reading time: 7 mins 

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The digital transformaiton of learning 

In this article, Learning consultant Myles Runham unpicks what transformation means for learning and comes to some interesting conclusions.

A key shift in the transformation journey is putting the employee, or end user, at the heart of your learning strategy.

Watching time: 5 mins

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The L&D roles of the future 

Experts discuss that the future is understanding how technology can help improve L&D delivery and how a more curated approach to information can better support employees. It may be of no surprise that traditional face-to-face learning does not feature.

Reading time: 3 mins

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Be brave, bold and fearless

If you attend an L&D conference or event, you are likely to hear a lot about change. But what is L&D’s role in that change?

This article looks at last year’s World of Learning conference and delves into how practitioners are experimenting and taking risks.

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Who to follow on Twitter

Change takes many forms. Here we share five change agents worth following on Twitter.

Lori Niles Hofmann @loriniles
Lori Niles Hofmann is a senior learning transformation strategist who shares useful insights on digital transformation.

Myles Runham @mylesrun
Formerly at the BBC, Myles Runham shares links and insights on digital transformation and how learning is changing.

Towards Maturity @TowardsMaturity
Learning industry analysts, and our good friends, Towards Maturity, use data to chart L&D’s progress and provide direction for L&D teams looking for greater impact from technology.

The RSA @theRSAorg
The Royal Society of Arts supports initiatives that help drive social change. Follow the RSA to hear inspirational ideas and stories.

Women in Learning @womenlearninguk
The Women in Learning movement is helping to drive change in L&D. Find out how you can get involved.

Something to listen to

The Practicalities of L&D Transformation With Barbara Thompson

In this podcast episode, host David James talks to Barbara Thompson, who has worked in innovation and transformation roles within L&D for a number of years. Thompson looks at how L&D is changing and how you can make change stick.

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Events and conferences to check out

Our pick of upcoming L&D events around the world:

24 September – Police L&D National Learning Network London Event, London

3 October – Talent Gathering, Edinburgh

7-9 October – Corporate Research Forum International Conference, Barcelona

15 October – World of LearningBirmingham 

23-25 October – DevLearnLas Vegas 

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