Welcome to the wow, we’re half way through Edition!

If like us you’re baffled by how we got to June already, don’t worry! It’s important to take stock of where we’ve been, and June is the perfect time to do this. However, it’s vital to keep looking forward too, so this month’s we’ve got some inspiration to keep you forward focused and fabulous!

Pride in Publishing Shaped by Diverse Voices

To mark #Pride2019, our friends at Emerald Publishing are giving you FREE access to a wide range of their research on equality, diversity, inclusion, gender and so much more for the month of June!

Reading time: 10 mins+

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

As technology advances, the way we work can’t stay the same. That means we need to rethink our approach to building a strategy. If you are looking to increase the impact of your L&D strategy, this talk is the inspiration you need.

Watching time: 11 mins 

You Need Time to Think

Everyone needs to give themselves a moment to regroup. In this article, Nancy Kline, author of Time to Think, explains how individuals, teams and organisations can improve the quality of their thinking.

Reading time: 4 mins

What’s Mine is Yours

You and your team will be full of useful information, have great insights and experience and a wealth of different skills. But do your other colleagues know this? Take a look at the benefits of sharing. 

Reading time: 2 mins

Mirroring Learning Culture

Conway’s Law suggests that the characteristics of a team are reflected in the traits of the product it produces. It’s vital that L&D teams model the behaviours they would like to see across the business.

Reading time: 3 mins

Who to follow on Twitter

Neuroscience is helping to shape our understanding of learning. Here we share five Twitter accounts that will keep you up to date with neuroscientific developments.

PsyPost.org @PsyPost.org
A news feed that shares articles on human behaviour and cognition.

Nature Neuroscience @NatureNeuro

This is the neuroscience feed of the science journal Nature.

Neuroskeptic @Neuro_Skeptic
Does as it says on the tin – provides a healthy dose of scepticism to neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry news.

neurobollocks @neurobollocks

This account debunks neuroscience myths.


To mark our inclusion of University College London’s Dr Sophie Scott in this month’s curated links, we share the Twitter feed for UCL’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. McStay is the Professor of Digital Life at Bangor University.


Something to listen to

Learning and Forgetting Curves

In this video, Dr. Will Thalheimer discusses the learning and forgetting curves and what they tell us about how to design and deploy learning interventions.learn?

Watch the video>

Events and conferences to check out

Our pick of upcoming L&D events around the world:

25 – 27 June – Realities 360 Conference and Exhibition, San Jose, California

3 July – Breakfast in the City, London 

11 July – Learning Technologies Summer Forum, London

4 September – Learning Live, London

15 – 16 October 2019 – World of Learning, Birmingham 


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