Welcome to the April GoodPractice Lowdown!

With Spring well under way, we have looked for the treats that can be found within L&D at this time of the calendar year. So, let us treat you to some Easter eggs with these gems below!


Learning at Work Week 2019

Join us at GoodPractice as we debate around this year’s theme ‘Shaping the Future’. And to celebrate, for a limited time you can claim a FREE month’s trial of our award-winning Toolkit for your organisation!

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Health and well-being at work survey 2019

The CIPD has just published its 19th annual health and well-being survey of more than 1,000 organisations. According to the research, management style is the second biggest cause of stress related absence behind workload. With only 30% of managers saying they are confident to have sensitive discussions with staff, or to offer expert help, this report shares more insights that should provide a catalyst for action should you need one.

Reading time: 20 mins 

Missing middle skills for Human-AI collaboration

Accenture has tried to define the types of work and related skills that will require humans and technology to work together in the future. In association with the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, they propose three dimensions of skill development that workers and employers should pursue together. These act as a blueprint for future development in organisations. They argue that New forms of value will be created in the “missing middle,” the work roles which will require humans to collaborate with AI.

Reading time: 15 mins

9 need-to-know management trends

The Chartered Management Institute worked with Glassdoor to create a list of the top 20 organisations for leadership and culture. This list of trends compares and contrasts each of these companies and lets you know what they are doing that makes them so successful. Communication is a critically important one – primarily the use of technology to help employees share information and stay up to date with what’s going on in their team, division and the entire company. 

Reading time: 3 mins

2019 Workplace Learning Report

LinkedIn Learning’s latest report on the state of corporate learning shows the impact digital is having on skills within the business and L&D itself. It also provides some interesting and actionable insights, based on the input of 1,200 L&D professionals and 2,100 employees. One area worth looking into is the marketing of L&D. The research shows that L&D teams spend just 15% of their time promoting employee engagement with learning (see video below for marketing tips).

Reading time: 20 mins

Which digital skills do you really need?

A real question for learning professionals going forward is – ‘what skills will we need in the future?’

Technology is changing the way learning resources are designed and delivered and this is changing the skills needed by L&D professionals. This report by the UK Government’s innovation body NESTA takes a look at the skills that will stand the test of time. The report builds on their previous research that predicted that about 20 per cent of workers are in occupations that are likely to shrink as a share of the workforce.

Reading time: 4  mins


Who to follow on Twitter

Spring is a real catalyst for change, so this month we share five Twitter profiles that will give you new ideas on a whole range of workplace and learning challenges.

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development @CIPD
The UK’s professional institute for HR and L&D professionals.

The Association for Talent Development @atd
The US based institute for L&D professionals.

The Australian Institute of Training and Development @aitd1
The Australian institute for learning and development. 

Learning and Performance Institute @yourLPI
The UK’s professional institute for L&D professionals. 

The eLearning Guild @eLearningGuild
A large US and global community and resources for eLearning professionals. 


Something to watch

The Art of Marketing

If you want to get better at marketing L&D, then this video is a good place to start. Marketing guru Seth Godin shares some simple tips that demystify the marketing basics.

Watch the video >


Events and conferences to check out

Our pick of upcoming L&D events around the world:

25 April – Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2019, London
14 May – The Human Resource Forum 2019, Hertfordshire
14-16 May – Public Services People Managers Association (PPMA) Conference 2019, Birmingham
12-13 June – Festival of Work, London


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