No time, no resources and no real idea how to get started: how to overcome the 3 stooges that make most blended learning strategies stumble.

You’ve probably already come across the blended learning analytical exercise, or the popular key aspects of blended learning overview article in our L&D toolkit, so we don’t need to tell you that helping companies like yours develop the right blended learning approach is something we really care about.

Many of the people we speak to know that they want to introduce a blended learning toolkit into the training mix – it’s just that they’re not sure where to begin, or they don’t think they have the time or resources to commit. GoodPractice toolkits for leaders and managers help L&D experts like you overcome these common hurdles.

GoodPractice toolkits are easy-to-access collections of support resources that help senior employees perform management tasks more effectively. Comprising case studies, audio guides, how to’s, self-assessments and more (read our “Top 5 resources leaders & managers want to see in the blended learning mix” blog for all the details), leaders and managers access the customised content they need via an online portal branded for your company. It’s not eLearning; it’s a not a collection of resources for the classroom or the training session; it’s just the right tools for the job, whenever the job needs done; online, face-to-face, on the job, even on the commute to work.

Our clients are having measurable success linking our online, video guides, how to’s and other resources to existing courses within their organisation. Aligning  our resources as pre-and post-course learning allows delegates to get more from the courses they attend and also reaffirms their learning after attending the course during times when they perhaps wouldn’t use the skills or knowledge they have developed.

No time, no training resources and no real idea how to get your blended learning approach started? With a little thought and customisation our toolkits for leaders and managers can help you overcome the 3 stooges that make most blended learning strategies stumble. 

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