Tuning into a podcast with an L&D or HR focus is an ideal way of keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest issues affecting the profession. They can also be a great source of expert advice on a whole range of L&D problems and challenges. The GoodPractice team are avid podcast fans (so much so that we’ve developed our own!), so we thought we’d share some of our favourites with you in this blog.

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1. Learning Now Radio

Produced by the wonderful Learning Now TV team, the bi-monthly Learning Now Radio podcast features interviews and conversations with some of the leading thinkers in global corporate learning and development. Host Lisa Minogue-White is herself an expert in the field, so is able to ask in-depth questions on some of the hottest topics facing the L&D industry such as learning engagement, learning technologies and their impact, content curation and women’s development in the workplace.

2. The eLearning Coach

Connie Malamed’s relaxed style makes The eLearning Coach one of the most enjoyable learning podcasts out there, and it’s ideal for anyone involved in instructional course design. Once a month or so, Connie invites a specialist to join her for an informal chat as they deconstruct the various aspects of course design to look in detail at topics such as gamification, agile development and storyboarding. The focus is very much on practical application, so the podcasts are packed with helpful hints, tips and advice.

3. Kineo’s Stream of Thought

Every month, our friends at Kineo get together for a roundtable discussion on topics of interest to anyone working in learning tech. Stream of Thought is hosted by Solutions Consultant Paul Westlake and features a rotating panel of Kineo’s in-house experts on topics like ‘the death of the LMS’ and ‘social learning’. Perhaps predictably, we don’t agree with everything the team have to say – but they’re well worth a listen.

4. Training Journal

The Training Journal podcast is a go-to source of new ideas and lively discussions. Episodes are published regularly, but sporadically, so you never know when one of these gems will turn up in your feed. We particularly recommend the show’s ‘L&D on Trial’ series, where hosts Jon Kennard and Jo Cook debate controversial topics like learning styles, millennials and NLP. 

5. The CIPD Podcast

Perhaps the most polished podcast on our list, the CIPD Podcast is a Radio 4-esque magazine show that delves into the worlds of HR and L&D. Instead of lengthy interviews, this uses nifty editing to get to the core of what their guests have to say, and manages to cover a lot of ground in a short space of time. The impressive array of guests include senior HR and L&D practitioners, as well as noted authors, academic researchers and politicians. With more than 100 episodes available, this is a fantastic source of information, news and insight.

6. From Scratch

From Scratch is a great podcast that’s particularly good for those of you who are short on time (isn’t that everyone these days?!), Nigel Paine and Martin Couzins’ chats are often just five minutes long. Usually, Martin will ask a question and Nigel will take it from there, so this is a great podcast if you are looking for a short, provocative burst of learning that you can reflect on throughout the day. We also love the artwork that is used for this podcast – it’s very cool indeed.

7. MindChimp

Created by Danny Seals, we think the MindChimp podcast stands out because it offers something different and special. All 19 episodes of Season 1 were released in one go at the beginning of May. In true Netflix style, you can binge listen to them all or ration them out. What you get is more than 80 hours of insightful conversation with some of the sharpest, coolest minds in L&D today. Guests include Ben Betts, Jamie Good, Lori Niles-Hofmann and many more talking about their L&D journey and what they’ve learned along the way.  

8. Emotion At Work

Host Phil Willcox is a friend of GoodPractice and we reckon his Emotion at Work podcast is one to watch. His podcasts are on the longer side because his goal is to present a frank, unedited conversation between people who are passionate about what they do. He mostly deals with the ‘people stuff’, so tune in if you’re interested in ideas, insights and research into the way we interact with one another.

9. The 3 Good Podcast

New for 2018, the 3 Good Podcast is a new project from experienced L&D practitioner and speaker Sukh Pabial. It drills into a number of inter-related subjects under the general theme of positive psychology. Episodes take a thoughtful, considered approach and cover topics such as the importance of positive thinking, our emotional health, strategies to develop resilience, and emotional intelligence.  

10. The GoodPractice podcast

We couldn’t compile this list without including a mention of our very own weekly podcast! It’s fair to say that our approach has evolved a little since we started out two years ago, but as we approach our 100th episode we’ve settled on an informal, conversational tone. Each week, our hosts Ross Garner and Ross Dickie chat with regular contributor Owen Ferguson and a special guest about topics like evidence-based practice, user experience, responsive e-learning and advances in tech. We like to think it’s good fun too.

Where to find the GoodPractice podcast

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