“Strategy execution is a science in its infancy” so says Andrew MacLennan the author of a new book ‘Strategy Execution Translating Strategy into Action in Complex Organizations.’

Strategy Execution

I think it’s a great book, because Andrew doesn’t look for a simplistic model, but rather looks for evidence based solutions to provide guides for leaders in the execution of strategy. Given the staggeringly high failure rates of strategy execution this is an area where Learning can make a positive contribution to the performance of an organisation by developing the leadership capacity to successfully deliver the strategic intent of the organisation.

I interviewed Andrew about the inspiration for the book and the role that HR and Learning can play in successful strategy execution. As Andrew says in the interview strategy execution is complex and most of the barriers to success are people related issues that need to be considered in light of the unique circumstances of organisation. This means taking a wide organisational view of the elements required to delivery the strategic goal and not looking at individual components in isolation.

HR and Learning are therefore well placed to play a key role in helping the organisation think about the execution of strategy out with the normal organisational silos and keeping the organisation focussed on evidence based models and thinking.

Indeed finding the time to think about the right things is one of the conclusions Andrew draws at the end of the book. Have a listen to Andrew as he outlines the issues involved in Strategic Execution, the role for HR and Leadership and the conclusions he has drawn from his research.

Watch the video here.