If you are looking for great learning resources to support Learning at Work Week 2018, check out our great special offer.

We are offering free access to our award-winning online toolkit for everyone in your organisation.*

What you get

From 14th to 20th May, all your employees will be able to use the toolkit. What’s more, if you are one of the first 50 organisations to sign up for this offer, you’ll get access to our Management 101 suite of e-learning within the toolkit as well. Our team will help you launch the toolkit, and advise on how to create a buzz to maximise learner engagement.

About the toolkit

The GoodPractice toolkit is used by more than 1 million learners in many different organisations including Booking.com, Virgin Money and Ted Baker. Winner of the 2017 External Learning Solution of the Year at the LPI Learning Awards, the toolkit is packed with inspiring content. You’ll find videos, animations and infographics, as well as practical resources and ‘how to’ guides on a range of personal development and management subjects.

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To sign up for this great offer, please drop us a line or give us a call:

– Email:  laww@goodpractice.com
– Phone: 0131 221 3100

*Unless expressly stated otherwise, use of the product is subject to our T&Cs.