The Learning and Development profession is awash with rich terminology, much of it vague and overlapping. But is the language we use a useful shorthand, an opportunity for priming or an unnecessary distraction? Then, we’ll be previewing next week’s CIPD L&D show

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A good summary of Lera Boroditsky’s research can be found at:

The paper Ross mentioned, covering terminology in e-learning, is available from ScienceDirect at:

Cass Sunstein’s article on political biases was published by The Guardian at:

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For the peculiarities of Icelandic naming conventions, see:

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Contributors this week included: @niallgavinuk, @marielearns, @lorna_clancy86, @gemmatowersey, @paullyv71, @cccubusiness and @innerspiration. Apologies if we didn’t read out all of your names.

Image: Conversation by FHKE / CC BY 2.0