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Working Across Generations

This week on #TheGPPodcast, Ross Garner and Owen Ferguson are joined by Hello2morrow’s Chloe Walton to ask how far we can generalise ‘millennials’.

We explore just some of the benefits to be found when organisations encourage conversations across generations, and ask what those of us in L&D, HR and OD do to facilitate these conversations.

Show notes

Hello2morrow can be found at Her research can be found at

Ross’ John Adams quote is nicely dissected by Freakonomics at:

The podcast that Owen recommended was Malcolm Gladwell’s interview with Adam Grant, available at:

The article Chloe referenced on the home field advantage was:

And the travelling musical Ross recommended was Isle of Love, featuring the music of Adam Ross and Randolph’s Leap. Tickets are available at and Randolph’s Leap are on Spotify at:

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Ross Garner

Ross Garner

Instructional Design Manager

Instructional Design Manager Ross works with clients and their subject matters to design engaging online courses. In his former years, he had purple hair and worked as an entertainment reporter for STV.

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