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Data analytics for L&D

Every digital interaction creates a breadcrumb trail of data, but how far has learning and development mined this data for value?

On this week’s GoodPractice Podcast, learning analytics specialist Trish Uhl joins Ross Garner and Owen Ferguson to share how modern organisations can use data to drive performance. We ask how complicated this needs to be, and reflect on whether many L&D practitioners are already using data without realising it.

Show notes

If you were interested in Owen’s example of a simple, life-saving algorithm developed at a hospital in Cook County, the apper is available online:

Reilly BM, Evans AT, Schaider JJ, Das K, Calvin JE, Moran LA, Roberts RR, Martinez E. Impact of a Clinical Decision Rule on Hospital Triage of Patients With Suspected Acute Cardiac Ischemia in the Emergency Department. JAMA. Available at:

Tim Harford’s article on not taking action is available at:

The SNL clip starring Ryan Gosling is on YouTube:

If you want to see Trish speak, she’ll be at the Adobe Learning Summit, DevLearn and at Learning Technologies. Follow her on Twitter for updates.

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Ross Garner

Ross Garner

Instructional Design Manager

Instructional Design Manager Ross works with clients and their subject matters to design engaging online courses. In his former years, he had purple hair and worked as an entertainment reporter for STV.

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