Cinema Nova, Brussels

‘Inspiration’ is a word that means something different to different people, but at GoodPractice we feel that we’re constantly looking to inspire and be inspired. So this week on the GoodPractice Podcast, we’ve invited Sean Brown from Virgin Money to share his thoughts on inspiration.

We discuss approaches you can take to inspire your learners, and look outside our profession for sources of inspiration in the wider world.

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If you’d like to share your thoughts on the show, you can find Sean on Twitter @SeanBrownHRTech, Ross @RossGarnerGP and Owen @OwenFerguson.

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The film ‘Butterfly Circus’ can be seen on YouTube at:

Steve Rayson’s article on how to write engaging B2B headlines is available from Buzzsumo at:

Details of 32M’s decision to chip it’s employees can be found at: The company’s own Q&A document can be found at:

If you fancy joining a Working Out Loud group, see: It could be an excellent source of inspiration for you!

Next week, our guest is Mark Britz, speaking about L&D’s relationship with organisational design.

Image: Un week-end à Bruxelles by Olivier Duquesne / CC BY 2.0