Micro learning, or the advantages of slapping a label on good ideas.

This week on #TheGPPodcast, Owen Ferguson, James McLuckie and Ross Garner discuss ‘micro learning’. According to Donald Taylor’s 2016 L&D Global Sentiment Survey, micro learning was set to be a hot topic over the past year. But has it had an impact on our industry or is it just another in a long line of fads?

Show notes

This week, the following blogs are articles were referenced:

Tom Chivers, ‘A Mindset “Revolution” Sweeping Britain’s Classrooms May Be Based On Shaky Science’ (14 January 2017). Available at: https://www.buzzfeed.com/tomchivers/what-is-your-mindset?utm_term=.xpD1GPpGAv#.oo6nXaoXqA.

Donald Clarke, ‘Micro-learning: trend, fad or retred?’ (1 February 2016). Available at: http://donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=micro+learning.

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Will Thalheimer, ‘Definition of MicroLearning’ (13 January 2017). Available at: http://www.willatworklearning.com/2017/01/definition-of-microlearning.html.

With apologies to all the dietitians out there, who Owen referred to as ‘nutritionists’..

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