The humble course was once the go-to solution for learning and development teams across the world, but in recent years it has suffered from a damaged reputation.

This week on The GoodPractice Podcast, we discuss whether traditional formal learning has a role in the modern workplace. And, if so, when?

To dig into this topic, Ross Garner and James McLuckie are joined by author and learning designer Patti Shank.

In this episode we discuss

  • Why courses are so unpopular
  • When a course is a good solution
  • The characteristics of a good course

Show notes

The book Ross mentioned, by Don Norman, was The Design of Everyday Things, available on Amazon at:

The learning platform Patti referenced was New Zenler. You can request early access at:

Ross’ ‘zip file’ life hack came from Twitter, courtesy of @Helena_LB via John MacMillan (@_jmac_).

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