What is the role of emotion at work?

The range of emotions we are allowed to show in the workplace is fairly limited. We can be happy, we can be passionate, we can be enthusiastic. But anything beyond that is often seen as unprofessional or inappropriate. Is it time we rethink the role of emotion at work?

This week on #TheGPPodcast, Ross Dickie and Ross Garner are joined by Emotion at Work’s Phil Willcox to discuss.

In this episode you’ll find out about

  • How emotion manifests itself in the workplace
  • The range of emotions that are acceptable at work
  • The role HR/L&D can play in creating emotional ‘safe spaces’

Show notes

Nick Shackleton-Jones appeared on episode 146 — How do people learn? (Not 149, as Ross G claimed). You can find download links here: https://www.goodpractice.com/blog/podcast-146-how-do-people-learn

Ross Garner’s holiday recommendations were:

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