For three years, we’ve had the ridiculous privilege of producing The GoodPractice Podcast (#TheGPPodcast).

It’s given us the opportunity to speak to some of the biggest names in Learning & Development, it’s challenged our thinking, and – we hope – contributed in some small way to the conversations that are shaping our industry.

In this, our 150th episode, we asked some of our favourite guests to join Ross Garner and Owen Ferguson for our 3rd birthday party at The Hand & Flower pub in London.

We were joined by Michelle Parry-Slater, founder of Kairos Modern Learning; by Gemma Critchley, Head of Technology & Innovation for Learning at Aviva; and by Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning & Development Content at the CIPD, who is writing a book.

A special shout-out this week to those faces behind-the-scenes who make this podcast possible, but are never mentioned: Jade Stewart, Nicola Boyle, Sai Cook, Yaz Serrano and Al Roy.

Also to Ross Dickie, in absentia.

In this episode we discussed the past, present and future of learning, including

  • How traditional classroom education has shaped what we do today
  • The tension between the need to learn from mistakes and organisations’ tolerance for risk
  • What the future of learning and development holds.

Plus, what would a birthday be without a gift? 🎁

And this year we wanted to share our gift with you! Click below to see what we’ve been up to!

Show notes

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