GoodPractice go to the movies!

What can L&D professionals learn from the likes of Mary Poppins, Jaws and Inception?

This week on the podcast, Ross Dickie is taking Owen Ferguson, Ross Garner, Gemma Towersey and Stewart Hardie on a trip to the movies.

In this episode you’ll find out about:

– How you can learn instructional design from ‘Inception’

– Why ‘Mary Poppins’ holds the key to employee motivation

– How ‘Zootopia’ helps us reflect on our prejudices

Show notes

The ‘Superchickens’ TED Talk that Ross referenced was by Margaret Hefferman.

The Forbes article Owen mentioned is ‘Understanding Fake Agile’.

The book Stewart referenced, ‘How Many Socks Make a Pair?is by Rob Eastaway.

Robert Macfarlane’s latest book is called ‘Underland: A Deep Time Journey’.

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