Can we get over ‘shiny object syndrome’?

In Learning & Development, we love shiny objects: VR, AR, microlearning – surely one of these tools will turn out to be the key to unlocking higher performance?

In this episode of The GoodPractice Podcast, Ross Garner and Owen Ferguson are joined by Axonify’s JD Dillon to discuss.

We explore the attraction of the ‘silver bullet’, the conditions that have created this mindset, and vendors’ responsibility to have more nuanced conversations with prospective clients.

In this episode you’ll find out about:

–  The attraction of the ‘silver bullet’
–  The conditions that have created this mindset
–  Vendors’ responsibility to have more nuanced conversations with prospective clients

Show notes

To find out more about JD, see Axonify at are:

This episode was inspired by an article JD wrote for Learning Solutions at:

If you want to know more about ornamental hermits, see:

IMDb reviews for Game of Thrones last and lowest-rated episode can be read here: As an editorial insert from Ross, those reviewers are totally wrong and in years to come the ending will be held up as a masterpiece that has been foreshadowed for eight seasons.

And finally, the Axonify Phoomba can be seen in this tweet from@MelMilloway

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