How do people learn?

This week on The GoodPractice Podcast, we’re talking fundamentals: how do people learn?

Nick Shackleton-Jones joins Ross Garner and Owen Ferguson to discuss his new book, How People Learn, in which he argues that people don’t learn anything if they don’t care. Or, to put it in Nick’s term, if they don’t have an ‘affective response’.

What does this mean and how should Nick’s insights change our approach to designing courses, resources and experiences?

Also: we argue about e-learning for ten minutes.

Show notes

Nick’s book, How People Learn, is available from Amazon at:

Or from the Kogan Page website:

This episode was reference-heavy, but in most part the references can be found in Nick’s book.

The TED Radio Hour episode Ross recommended was ‘Jumpstarting Creativity’, online at:

The source for the London tube study was:

The product Owen discussed was GitPrime:

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