Around the globe, billions are spent on workplace training. Some people even do it for a living. But does it have an impact on performance?

On this week’s GoodPractice Podcast, Ross G and Owen are joined by McDonald’s Kevin M. Yates to discuss.

You can find out more about Kevin at Contact Kevin at for a free copy of 10 Questions that Forecast Training’s Impact.

The study Ross cited was: Milligan-Saville, J. S., Tan, L., Gayed, A., Barnes, C., Madan, I., Dobson, M., … & Harvey, S. B. (2017). Workplace mental health training for managers and its effect on sick leave in employees: a cluster randomised controlled trialThe Lancet Psychiatry4(11), 850-858.

The book Owen recommended was Turn the Ship Around! by L. David Marquet, available at: 

The book Ross recommended was The Consolations of Physics by Tim Radford, available at: 

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