Think you know e-learning? If you work in L&D you may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to delivering classic management subjects like Time Management, Networking and Leadership.

Our latest e-learning offers something fresh and exciting. Best of all, they can be yours in time for Christmas.

The GoodPractice e-learning elves have been hard at work creating new e-learning modules to cover 10 major management challenges – Management 101! They’ll work across all devices and will engage and enthuse your leaders and managers – as well as providing them with sound advice and guidance on common management conundrums.

The Management 101 subjects include:





Difficult Conversations





Time Management

We would be delighted to give you a sneak peek of these fabulous resources. They will blend seamlessly with your current learning management system and add real value to your L&D strategy.

Contact Ian Wheelans at or call us on 0131 221 3100 to arrange your demo.