To support Learning at Work Week 2017, GoodPractice are offering something pretty special.

If you are taking part in Learning at Work Week, we’ll give you and all your employees completely free access to our award-winning performance support toolkit.*

Yes, you read that right – every single employee in your organisation can get access to this resource, which is relied upon by more than 1 million leaders and managers in many different organisations.

Winner of the 2017 External Learning Solution of the Year at the Learning Awards, our toolkit is packed with great content designed to help your people meet everyday challenges and be more effective. They’ll get access to engaging videos, animations and infographics, as well as practical exercises and ‘how to’ guides on a range of personal development and management topics.

What’s more, our experienced team will help you launch the toolkit to your employees and, at the end of the week, give you valuable analytics about how it has been used.

The offer is as follows:

  • What: Access to our performance support toolkit, at no cost
  • When: From 15th to 21st May 2017 inclusive
  • Who: For all your employees, or a specific group of leaders and managers

To take advantage of this amazing offer, get in touch with the team today!

  • Call us: 0845 223 3002
  • Email us:

*Terms and conditions apply.