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In L&D Lowdown this month

Now in its 12th year, Jane Hart’s list of the top tools for learning is an incredible resource. Use it to understand the types of tools that are available for learning and the ones people prefer. The data also provides trend lines which reveal the tools that are becoming more and less popular over time. As well as the data, you get lots of insight on how to dissect and make sense of it too. 

– Media: Website
– Reading time: 5+ minutes 

Based on her book, Unfairly LabelledJessica Kriegel has created an excellent checklist for managers who manage millennials. The checklist debunks plenty of myths and provides a host of practical management tips. 

– Media: PDF
– Reading time: 3 minutes 

The CIPD’s research from 3,700 employees shows the current state of UK skills and how well workers’ skills are being used and developed at work. This article provides some interesting commentary about various training delivery channels and how useful they actually are. 

– Media: Article and PDF
– Reading time: 2 minutes 

Are you aware of the impact of data science on internal communications? This article from Josh Bersin lifts the lid on a whole new kettle of fish – how technology is ‘reading’ signals from internal communications tools including email, Slack, Skype and so on. As big fans of Skype and Slack we are keen to discover more about the impact of these tools on our performance.  

– Media: Article
– Reading time: 7 minutes 

Institute for Transfer Effectiveness 

As founder and CEO of the Insitute for Transfer Effectiveness, Dr Ina Weinbauer-Heidel has assessed much of the available research on learning transfer. She’s boiled this down to what she calls the 12 levers of training effectiveness. This site shares more information on the 12 levers and how you can use them to boost learning transfer in your organisation. 

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– Reading time: 5+ minutes 

Who to follow on Twitter

This month we share some Twitter profiles that will keep you up-to-date with mental health news, the future of work and plenty more. 

Lynda Gratton @lyndagratton is a professor at London Business School and author of the 100-year life. She shares tweets and links on the changing workplace.
The Mental Health Foundation @mentalhealth is a UK charity dedicated to mental health which shares useful resources around promoting good mental health.
The World Economic Forum @wef is an international organisation that is dedicated to sharing excellent work and skills-related research and insights. 
Scott Adams @Dilbert_Daily is an award-winning cartoonist whose work will help put all your workplace challenges into perspective!
The eLearning Network @elearningnetwk is a great community for e-learning professionals, sharing tips and useful links on digital learning. 

Events and conferences to check out

– 4-7 November, Learning 2018, Florida, USA
– 7-8 November, CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition 2018, Manchester, UK
– 21 November, Learning Technologies Awards, London, UK
– 21 November, Personnel Today Awards, London, UK 

Something to watch

Chief digital and information officer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Richard Corbridge is an interesting guy. He is obsessed with enabling digital change in the NHS. In this video, he shares some small but significant steps we could all learn from. 

– Watching time: 4 minutes 

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