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Learning in the Flow
A New Paradigm For Corporate Training: Learning In The Flow of Work
– In this longer read, respected learning industry analyst Josh Bersin provides a history of learning technology from the 1980s to the present day. Bersin argues that technology is leading to a new paradigm for learning, one that is in the flow of work. What’s more, technology is now making this new approach to learning a reality. A must read.

– Media: Article
– Reading time: 10 minutes

Loop the Loop
Double Loop Learning: Download New Skills and Information into Your Brain

– Double loop learning – the process of evaluating and re-evaluating what you know, what works (based on experience) and what doesn’t – in order to do things better and more effectively is not commonplace in organisations. Why? Because it’s more difficult to do than single loop learning, which doesn’t require us to reflect on what we learn and how we apply it. This article provides great insights on how to become better at learning.

– Media: Article
– Reading time: 9 minutes

Design for Engagement
Creativity-based Research: The Process of Co-Designing with Users
– This piece features lots of tools and tips to help facilitate a co-design process in which you can design learning interventions with your end-users. Whether that intervention is online or face-to-face, this approach can help engage users in the design process and help you design more engaging learning experiences.

– Media: Article
– Reading time: 4 minutes

Challenging confirmation bias
The myth of the online echo chamber

– Conventional wisdom suggests that we exist in filter bubbles of information, that we only see, hear and read views that chime with our beliefs. Not so, suggests research. Social media exposes us to a wider range of views and that’s a good thing. This is an interesting piece on media literacy and how we inform ourselves.

– Media: Article
– Reading time: 5 minutes

Research Top of the Pops
The 5 Top Rated L&D Research Reports of 2018

– This is a useful round-up of learning research reports that are well worth a look – not just because it features some of our research! Note that the top challenge for learners accessing learning is time, according to LinkedIn Learning’s research. Speed and accessibility are also critical factors for engagement.

– Media: Article
– Reading time: 2 minutes (plus research reports)

GP recommends this month …

The GoodPractice team are veritable magpies of interesting L&D content. Here’s a quick round-up of the videos, podcasts, events and Twitter happenings that caught our attention this month.

Who to follow on Twitter

John Hagel @jhagel is a management consultant and author who shares insights on how technology is impacting on business and learning.
UX Magazine @uxmag will keep you up to date on developments on user experience design, which is becoming an increasingly important topic for L&D teams.
Cathy Moore @catmoore is the creator of the action mapping process for designing training. On Twitter, Cathy shares her knowledge and expertise on learning design.

Events and conferences to check out

1-3 August, Connected Learning Summit, Cambridge, US 
5-6 September, Learning Live, London 
11 October, The Talent Gathering 2018, Edinburgh, Scotland
29-30 October, L&D Innovation & Tech Fest, Sydney, Australia 

Something to listen to 

The Business Book podcast: The tyranny of metrics
Jerry Muller, the author of The tyranny of metrics, provides a contrarian view of metrics and our quest for evaluation. He argues that our obsession with quantifying human performance is a threat to business and to society at large.  
– Listening time: 23m

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