Podcast: Should we market L&D departments internally?

Podcast: Should we market L&D departments internally?


Ross Garner

Is it important for Learning and Development departments to market themselves internally, or should they operate as wizards behind the curtain of learning?

This week on the GoodPractice Podcast: Owen, Andrew and Ross G discuss internal marketing for L&D. What can we do to encourage adoption of our interventions? And how do we raise the profile of L&D with senior stakeholders?

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The book Owen recommended, The Invention of Nature, is available from Amazon at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Invention-Nature-Adventures-Alexander-Humboldt-ebook/dp/B00PW4O1SQ.

The book Ross recommended, Judas: The troubling history of the renegade apostle, is available from Amazon at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Judas-troubling-history-renegade-apostle-ebook/dp/B00NLHJLO0.

Image: Victor E. Bull by Chad Cooper / CC BY 2.0.

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