I’m going to be honest.

Before I started my four-week internship at GoodPractice (GP), I wasn’t really sure what exactly they did as a company.

I knew it was something to do with creating resources for other businesses, and I knew my role would have something to do with writing and editing. But due to my own ignorance of the kind of resources that were out there for businesses, I didn’t have a particularly clear understanding of what my work experience would entail. Despite this, I was still excited to get started in a ‘real’ working environment (I should probably mention here that I had just finished university and had been craving a ‘proper’ job for the last ten months). 

So what does GoodPractice do?

I decided quite early on that if I learned nothing else during this internship, it was my goal that by the end of my time I would be able to explain to my friends what GP did, or at least what I had accomplished in it. However, I have come to realise that there will always be two answers to the question, ‘What does GP do?’

The short answer and the long answer

  • The short answer: GoodPractice is a company that creates learning resources for leaders and managers, equipping them for a more interactive and modern workplace environment.
  • The long answer: Well, how much time do you have?


First off, it’s probably beneficial to explain the kinds of resources GP provide. Most predominantly, I witnessed the development of the toolkit during my time at GP, and the different resources that are created for it: e-learning tools, infographics, case studies, top tips articles and many more. Alongside this, GP develop bespoke e-learning resources that are tailored to their clients’ needs, addressing their unique interests and demands.

The creative process to develop content

Having observed, and partially been involved in, the creation of infographics and animations for the toolkit, it is clear how far the creative process extends beyond the bounds of writing and editing.

More importantly, and perhaps part of the reason behind the success of the products, is the willingness of the team to have creative ideas changed and adapted, as many of the creative processes involve collaboration with parties inside and outside the team.

From this experience, I have not only gained an insight into how GP go about creating their products, but also the creative processes of the professional world.

Now that I’ve established how GP develop their resources, it is important to address what purpose these resources serve. The toolkit as a whole is a library of techniques and tips on how to manage an office/business/team/yourself efficiently. The amount of knowledge, research and skill that goes into each piece helps to create products that are both enjoyable and informative. So much so that it feels slightly ironic that I have learnt so much about business leadership having entered this company as an intern. Knowledge that I’m probably not going to be able to put into practice for the next few years...or, you know, ever.

A culture of collaboration

From my experience at GP, it appears to me that this innovative, creative and informative work is only accomplished because of the team environment that I have both witnessed and been welcomed into here. 


For part of my work experience, I was asked to create a script for an infographic looking at cultivating a collaborative culture. Now, it might just be that I have collaboration on the brain from that piece of work. But from what I can tell of GP, the work environment created is one that encourages collaboration and helps to support and develop the ideas of the team.

Though it would have been difficult to narrow the ‘detailed’ understanding I had of the company before the internship, I feel I definitely have a greater understanding of not only what GP does, but also how GP works. Through this experience, I have learned more about the creative processes of a team and the importance of an open, collaborative working environment. With this, I feel more equipped to be creative at a professional level: a skill that will come in handy if I am ever given the pleasure of working with such a team as GoodPractice again.

  • Laptop image credit: Flickr (accessed 7 July 2016)
  • Collaboration image credit: Flickr (accessed 7 July 2016)