Here at GoodPractice we’re a pretty mixed bunch, but there is one thing we all have in common: we’re fascinated by learning. We’re also pretty big readers – many a conversation has kicked off with the immortal words ‘I was reading a new book on informal/social/mobile/e-learning last week and it got me thinking…’ Some of our deeper in-house experts may even refer to an academic text from time to time while the rest of us try not to look too frightened!

With all this reading going on we’ve had lots of different ideas, theories and concepts to draw upon in our quest to make our learning solutions for leaders and managers the best around. But when it comes to talking about Learning and Development, we want to create more of a shared language – one we can all call upon regardless of our role or area of expertise. Our solution? The GoodPractice Book Club – and we’d like you to join.

So what are we going to be reading? Well, for a team that enjoys a healthy debate every now and then, it took us hardly any time to decide. Since its 2011 release, Julie Dirksen’s Design for How People Learn has received critical acclaim, not just from our very own Owen Ferguson – ‘I wish this book had been around when I started my L&D career’ – but from other big names like e-learning expert Clive Shepherd. In his review of Julie’s book Shepherd said he would recommend it ‘to anyone who feels it’s time to get up-to-date on adult learning and doesn’t want to wallow in theory’. Sounds good to us!

So on Friday 29th June the GoodPractice team will get together to discuss the first two chapters of Design for How People Learn. If you’d like to join in (and we hope you will) the discussion will continue online via this blog and the Twitter hashtag #gpbookclub. In the meantime, grab yourself a copy of the book (it’s available for the Kindle and iPad, as well as in hard copy), read the first two chapters ‘How Do We Start?’ and ‘Who Are Your Learners?’ and I’ll see you here next week.

Happy reading!

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