Next week is Learning at Work Week.

At GoodPractice we think this is a fantastic initiative. Running a Learning at Work Week campaign in your organisation helps raise the profile of all the great learning activity that’s going on, and also encourages people to get motivated about their own learning and take advantage of what’s on offer.

The theme for this year’s Learning at Work is Connect. It’s quite a broad theme, so organisations can interpret it in a way which suits them best.

Coaching and mentoring programmes are a great way of helping people to connect. You may be using Learning at Work week to raise the profile of your existing coaching and mentoring initiatives, or you might be about to launch an exciting new programme.

To support Learning at Work Week, we are offering free access to one of the most popular infographics from our performance support toolkit. Developed by our expert team of in-house editors and designers, the ‘Coaching vs Mentoring: Spot the Difference’ infographic is a great tool which can give you:

  • An understanding of the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • An overview of the the benefits of each approach
  • How coaching and mentoring can be used in the most effective way


Did you know that our performance support toolkits contain more than 50 infographics, as well as articles, self-assessments, videos, animations and much more?

Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more about how this great resource can support learning in your organisation.