We’ve spent the last couple of weeks writing and developing new content which we’re very excited about. For the last ten years at GoodPractice we’ve been fascinated by one question: How can organisations provide support to leaders and managers to improve their performance as work? To answer this, we need to understand what helps leaders and managers perform more effectively, and what they do when faced with workplace challenges.

We’ve taken a big step closer to understanding this, because in November 2009 we commissioned ComRes to undertake a survey of managers to find out what activities they undertake in a performance situation and how effective they found these activities. We’ll be publishing the results, which are fascinating, at the Learning and Technology conference in London next week and on our web site on 27 January 2010.

As a taster, managers find informal learning activities to be very effective. For instance ‘Trial and error’ really works for a large number of managers.

The conclusions also point to a need for learning departments to rethink their paradigm of learning and focus on performance and the activities that can enhance this within their organisations. And if that’s not enough next week we’ll introduce you to Alex who is passionate about helping his leaders and managers perform to their best.

Remember if you want to find out what’s the most frequent and effective method of learning for managers in a performance situation, download our next free White Paper in the The Learning and Performance Link series, ‘How Managers learn (in their own words)’ – available from 27th January.