How can I work with robots instead of against them?

The robots are coming for our jobs and we should all be very afraid. Or should we?

This week on the podcast, Ross Dickie is joined by Owen Ferguson, Jonny Anderson and guest Marcia Conner to discuss how technology is changing the way we work.

In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • The types of task that are best suited to automation 
  • How machines can augment our abilities
  • The role of L&D in preparing team members for automation

Show notes

If you’re inclined to learn more about the impact of screens and potatoes on mental health, you can read Amy Orben’s summary of the research here.

To expand your hibernal vocabulary, check out this article on Merriam Webster.

After recording, Marcia sent us two of her favourite robot-related books: The Fourth Age by Byron Reese and The Piketty Problem by Garth Hallberg.

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