Are we training people for their next job?

“What if we train people and they leave? What if we don’t, and they stay?”

This phrase is a terrible cliché, but it has some truth. So this week on the GoodPractice Podcast we’re digging into it to explore the relationship between recruitment and development.  Ross Garner and Owen Ferguson are joined by Radial Recruitment’s Susan Lindsay and CIPD’s David Hayden to discuss.

Show notes

The article David referenced from Forbes is available at:

The CIPD Podcast he mentioned on rethinking staff inductions is online at:

We didn’t have time to discuss it on this podcast, but workers are not switching jobs more often (or not as often as it’s fashionable to claim):

The Guardian Implant Files are available at:

If you’re in to herbs and spices, the KFC story Susan discussed is online at:

And to escape from all that is horrendous, check out the finalists in the Comedy Wildlife Awards 2018. As good as it sounds:

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