We’ve launched a podcast! In it, various members of the GoodPractice team chat about topics relating to work, learning and performance in (we hope) a relaxed and engaging way. If that interests you, you can subscribe using the links below:

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That’s the tl;dr version. If you’re interested in why we wanted to start a podcast, read on …

Ross Garner, one of our fab Instructional Designers, recently released his own podcast, Bottle of Red, a weekly show featuring interviews with his colleagues and friends in the creative industries. Various people in the office suggested we should do a GoodPractice podcast, but no-one could quite agree what it should focus on.

I love podcasts. I’ve listened to them for years on my way to and from work, when I’m out at lunchtime and even when I’m ironing or doing the dishes. I’m subscribed to over 50 in my podcast player of choice (Overcast). I listen to every episode of some and pick and chose from others, depending on the topic. The podcasts cover subjects like film (The Empire film Podcast), technology (Accidental Tech Podcast), economics (Planet Money), US politics (FiveThirtyEight Elections) and, of course, L&D (Learning Now Radio and From Scratch).

The ones I think work best are when the the participants are clearly relaxed and passionately nerdy about their topic, whether that’s discussing bad films in great detail (The Flop House) or sports statistics (Hot Takedown) [1].

My feeling was that we should do a podcast not because it would be a particularly great marketing tactic (I don’t think it’s that mainstream a format, even though it’s growing) but because we wanted an outlet to share our thoughts and opinions on work based stuff that interests us.

So, that’s what the podcast is: colleagues talking about things that interest them from the work they do. It’s not an official ‘view from GoodPractice’, nor is it intended to be a plug for what we do (although we’ll probably talk about that too). What we hope is that it’s an interesting conversation between people who are passionate about their business.

I hope you enjoy it.

And please let us know what you think! Tweet us @GoodPractice

[1] You’re possibly getting the idea that I’m a geek. This is true.