It’s an exciting day for the GoodPractice team as we launch our brand new L&D consultancy service.

With 15 years experience helping our clients build their L&D strategy, develop their leaders and managers and drive cultural change, there’s no better time for us to offer our experience as trusted L&D consultants.

A wealth of experience

The consultancy is headed up by our CEO Peter Casebow, and also benefits from the talents of some of the UK’s foremost L&D practitioners. Peter is joined on the consultancy team by three highly experienced L&D, OD and organisational change experts – Julie Drybrough, Donna Hamilton and Peter Butler. With a diverse range of backgrounds, their combined experience is second to none. Together, our team can design effective, innovative solutions that will change the way you think about L&D.

How we can help

Our consultancy can deliver real business benefits across your organisation by helping you:

1. Maximise the impact of your investment in learning and development.

2. Design blended leadership and management solutions to deliver demonstrable organisational benefits and outcomes.

3. Deliver lasting culture change.

Exciting times ahead

The consultancy is up and running and we’re already working on some exciting new projects. Commenting on the launch of the new GoodPractice consultancy, Peter says:

“I’ve always believed that L&D can make a significant difference to the success of an organisation and improve the working lives of everyone involved. It’s exciting to now have the opportunity and team in place to prove this is the case. To see our clients’ L&D functions having a genuine impact in their organisation, is so rewarding.”

Get in touch to find out how our L&D consultancy can help your business.